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“Diana was a real gift to our ministry, she came to visit and observe our emergency financial assistance program.  Diana really helped reinforce what we are attempting to do, which concerns going beyond application of a “band aid” to immediate financial difficulties— offering a financial coaching opportunity to individuals with whom we have met over succeeding years.  Her instincts also blessed her with the ability to intervene with first-time applicants who were struggling in managing their financial situation for various reasons.  In this way, Diana was helping reshape our ministry into a pastoral effort capable of assisting individuals to actually change their lives through an encounter with our lay assistance ministers. “ Ned L. Outreach Coordinator



Outreach Coordinator

This financial program surprised me.  I feel supported, listened to and as a result, I am more positive about my money issues, even though I have a lot of work to do. This is a bloody miracle.  I have been in financial programs before, (this is my third time in about a period of 15 years).  I did not expect Diana to really care what my true underlying issues with money were.  In this program, she listened to me and did not judge.  We looked at goals and dealt with my snags.  I cannot tell you what a relief I feel, being supported like this, and now I am wanting to tackle my money issues with a renewed sense of vigor-  as opposed to my usual reluctant and trodding self. Thanks for having a program that dares to be different.



Massage Therapist 

Diana has financially coached me on several occasions, I feel as a coach she was empathic with my feelings and concerns as well as being an active listener.  I would highly recommend Diana.



Social Worker 

More to come...

"I am currently using Diana's financial services. Diana has been available when I've needed her, and is always providing a strategy to help me navigate my finances. Since using her services, she has helped me pay off several debts. There is also a personal touch she provides and refers to my money issues as our issues. This conveys to me the personal stake she invests in her clients as she helps them. As we work together, Diana inspires me to re-think how I view money so that I do not return my finances to the state they were initially in. I am extremely happy with her services, her confidence in me and her ability to keep a challenging financial situation manageable."






For individuals, groups, and businesses. 




This provides hands-on assistance to clients who have difficulty managing their personal monetary affairs.  Let Diana be your financial manager. Take your hands off the wheel and watch as your debt goes down and your credit score rises. Leave everything to Diana as she helps make financial decisions and puts your financial chaos into order.   

Sessions intended to help you identify your true financial goals and collaborate with you to accomplish these goals at a desirable pace. My approach will seem therapy-like and will help you create intrinsic motivation to continue taking steps forward. This service can offer accountability if desired and group coaching is also availble.

Provide financial education and literacy for group types. This could focus on specific aspects of personal finance or a general outline. Presentations would be appropriate for financial conferences, schools, students, churches or church groups, businesses, etc.



(Kyu - pronounced like the letter 'Q')

I'm a personal financial professional that offers a variety of services to individuals, groups and businesses.



  • Doctorate in Higher Education Administration and Organizational Leadership

  • Master of Science in Personal Financial Planning

  • Master of Science in Human Services and Family Studies

  • Bachelor of Science Family Studies

  • Accredited Financial Counselor®

  • Financial Fitness Coach® 

  • Teaches Personal Finance at a local university

  • Member of the Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education

  • 2015 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's First Financial Coach for the D.C. Metro area  



  • Financial Satisfaction: A Quasi-Experimental Approach Using Solution Focused Brief Therapy "Presentation on the impact of using therapeutic technique in a financial goal-setting session." Financial Therapy Association

  • Pathways from Financial Education to Financial Coaching:  "I discussed ways financial education programs could introduce financial coaching elements into their classes." Maryland Financial Education Summit FDIC's

  • Financial Coaching: "I presented the theoretical framework behind financial coaching and included a coaching demonstration." Society For Financial Education and Professional Development's Financial Lit. Leadership Conference

  • Employment Bootcamp: "Spoke on the Importance of financial credit when applying for jobs. CBS Radio: WPGC

Poster Presentations

  • Financial Capability among Economically Vulnerable Consumers (2016)AFCPE

  • Personal Finance Seminar: Online Professional Development (2016), AFCPE

  • The Impact of Emergency Financial Assistance: An Effort to Help Students. (2017)AFCPE

Journal Publications

  • Extension-Led Training for Human Service Providers on Use of a Financial  Empowerment Tool (2019). Journal of Extension

Financial Consultant
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There are a ton of ways to reach me.  What is your best method of contact?  :)

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There are many ways to reach me.  Get in touch!

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Financial consultant, manager, Coach, counselor, therapy, daily, , AFCPE, AFC, 

Financial consultant, manager, Coach, counselor, therapy, daily, , AFCPE, AFC, 

Financial consultant, manager, Coach, counselor, therapy, daily, , AFCPE, AFC, 

Financial consultant, manager, Coach, counselor, therapy, daily, , AFCPE, AFC, 

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